I am Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Durham University. My main research interest is in what should be said about the epistemic status of seemingly irrational thoughts, such as those involved in stereotyping and implicit bias and distorted memory beliefs. My work stretches across philosophy of psychology and social epistemology, and interacts with issues in philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of law and philosophy of education.

I studied for my PhD at the University of Sheffield, where I was fortunate enough to be supervised by Stephen Laurence and Christopher Hookway and to be funded by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science. While studying for my PhD in Sheffield, I also had the opportunity to work at the Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies and on the exciting and innovative Culture and the Mind Project based there.

Before coming to Durham, I worked as a Research Fellow on Project PERFECT at the University of Birmingham, having previously taught at the University of Glasgow, University of Bristol and University of Sheffield.

You can contact me by email at